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That was awesome!

I love the progression of it. It starts off, as any other decent sprite movie. There's with two characters fighting each other retro-game-style. But the complexion of everything increases more and more until the quality of the movie reaches, well, almost something that could be shown on the TV, if you get what I mean. :) I liked how you mixed in some regular vector graphics at some places too, and the ending was just hilarious.

For a first one this is great. You really got some talent there. Great work!

Quite good

It's nicely animated. But sometimes the animation seemed a bit slow for the song, and the sync was really bad, both for instruments and mouths. But overall, good work!

...btw, I recognize this situation. That song is really hard on hard and IMPOSSIBLE on expert :(

LinkXRetro responds:

look on youtube at the people w/ no life who can do expert 100%

I love it

That was some true Happy Tree Friends style. A small cute character getting brutally hurt and killed in every possible way. All of my three thumbs up!

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Fun but hard

Very simple but challenging game. The graphics could be improved a lot, but they actually fit the game as they are: simple. It would be great with a option to change the difficulty. Or maybe it's just I who suck at the game, but w/e. XD

Good job. And thanks for using my song :)

Best episode so far

I like how you use 3d graphics in the game. But I think it needs more interactivity. And the movement needs to be improved, moving around seems rather clunky. The "fighting" scenes could also use a tone up. I'm hoping for a sequel.

Damn keyboard

I don't have an American keyboard layout so I have to guess what key to press :( . But otherwise, I like the game. It causes a lot of frustration as promised but it's fun anyway. lol, I guess frustration is part of gaming today :). Thumbs up!

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Well fock. Guess what--I am impressed.

It sounds so mellow and... mysterious? Uncertain? I don't know how to describe it. Anyway, the mix of instruments and the overall quality is really great! The guitars certainly doesn't suck, I tell you. You got the volume levels on everything just right.

The track had my full attention from the beginning 'til the end. Damn, you ought to stop making 10 star tracks!


Your refrozen friend. Meow.

Lublub194 responds:

Aweeeesome. I had major doubts about this, simply because most songs that are based off synthetic guitars generally suck. So I'm glad you didn't think this one did.

I'll be putting more of my ideas from my guitar into songs, so keep updated for my latest ideas.

You're friend not frozen... :D

Dark and heavy as fuck

No words can describe the massive feeling this track mashed into my head! Perhaps the mastering could have been a bit better BUT THIS IS GREAT. This is great.

That's all.

Lublub194 responds:

Wellll, good I think...

Nagging for the win

I love it when you "nag" about life because you always make awesome tracks when it happens. *smiles carefully*

The song is calm and emotional. And well, it sounds great. 10 for you!

Lublub194 responds:

Haha, Nagging is a shitty price to pay... well. More what nagging about.

Heck I look back at my past music, and in each one, I can sense some different feeling behind it, and each one I can relate my current life to. So I suppose nagging is all just a part of life.

I'm glad that you liked the song however. I thought it turned out nicely.

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Yoshi looks awesome but man, the determination in Mario's face... priceless!


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